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I'm Jess!

Specializing in low-maintenance gray coverage for luscious brunettes and glimmering blondes.

You'll soon find that creating a fun atmosphere and referencing pop culture fuel my life behind the chair. So sit back and relax while we come up with a jealousy-inducing look that works for you and your lifestyle! 


Well hello there


My favorite thing

about being a stylist is empowering you to have "just left the salon" hair every day by teaching you techniques that work for you and your daily routine. You don't have to fight with your hair anymore. 

Does your hair seem flat? Do you feel like it won't curl? Does it feel like it's lost its luster? Do you wish it could be smoother? No matter your concern, I love working to make your hair fun and functional not freaky and fried. 

After years of working in and around the film industry in Los Angeles, I realized my "why" was to make an impact - an impact on myself; an impact on my husband and kids; and, an impact on other people's lives. That "why" has been my mantra since 2015. 

While balayage and ombre are gorgeous techniques, where are my gray coverage girls? Y'all need some love and attention too! I'm here to make you feel gorgeous and pampered! Have your kids said "Hey mom...I can see your streaks" lately? Come see me and we'll work through it together! 

When I'm not swiping over your sparkle, you can usually either find me crafting, watching baseball or hockey, or chasing after my two little ones with my husband. The PNW has been kind to us and we love exploring our backyard.  


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