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Fall in love


but with your hair

Chances are you probably found your way here because:


a friend sent you my way

you were browsing online


you've been looking for a stylist that FINALLY gets you and your hair.

Either way, you're in the right place.




 Cover the 'sparkle'

Add some shine

Enhance your natural color

No highlighting here


Lose that extra weight.


Your typical haircut appointment, except for the fact that it's tailored to you and your needs.


Take care of your scalp like you take care of your face.


Indulge in a multi-step foundation detox guaranteed to make your scalp feel better than ever. 

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One last thing

To help me prepare for your visit and to ensure we make the most of our time together, kindly fill out your secure new guest profile by clicking the link.

  • Do you require deposits for appointments?
    No. However, a card on file is required to book an appointment.
  • How long do I have to cancel or reschedule my appointment?
    1 day. Same day cancellations or reschedules will be subject to the $50 cancellation fee. This fee can be waived if you make another appointment in the 7 days after your missed appointment.
  • Do I need to wear or do anything special for my visit?
    Clean, dry hair If getting color done, do NOT wash same day; please wash and dry hair the day before coming in. Please do not wear: Anything with a high neck Bulky knit sweaters One layer -- I provide a protective robe for you to wear so you will not be exposed. Your most favorite top or jewelry.
  • Do you have a cell phone policy?
    No. Feel free to be on your phone; this is your relaxation time.
  • Can I bring my children?
    Yes. There is a couch in the space for children to occupy while parents are getting services done. Keep in mind this Sola houses 30 professionals in their own individual havens, providing a service to their guests.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    All major credit cards Tap to pay Cash (change is not kept on the premises)
  • What if the product I purchased isn't performing?
    You have up to 3 months from time of purchase to bring the product back to the studio to replace it with a more suitable product. Full refunds are NOT guaranteed.
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