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Dry Cut


No wash, just cut. 

Typically for shorter cuts above the ears, but can be done for all lengths

  1. Signature sculpted cut

  2. Sips and snacks 

  3. Weighted lap blanket 

  4. Heated neck wrap 

Full Clean Up


All services of the Dry Cut, plus: 

  1. Rejuvenating under eye treatment mask

  2. Luxury treatment mask - or - shine gloss

  3. Wash and heat-style finish


Maintain the Look

- $175 -

You love to sparkle, you just don't want to see it 

Natural hair regrowth coverage (up to 2" off part) 

Can also be for non-gray-covering applications

  1. Permanent color painted on regrowth

  2. Color balancing glaze

  3. Micromist steamer treatment 

  4. Heated finish style

  5. Stimulating scalp massage

  6. Sips and snacks 

  7. Under-eye treatment -or- heated eye mask

  8. Heated lavender neck wrap

  9. Weighted lap blanket


Add on to the Look

- $260 -

Consult, Wash, Cut, Blowdry 

Includes everything from 'Maintain the Look' with an added 'Signature Sculpted Cut'


  1. Color application

  2. Color balancing glaze

  3. Micromist steamer treatment 

  4. Signature Sculpted Cut

  5. Heated finish style

  6. Stimulating scalp massage

  7. Sips and snacks 

  8. Under-eye treatment -or- heated eye mask

  9. Heated lavender neck wrap

  10. Weighted lap blanket

Been in before?

New here? 


Scalp Deep Cleanse

Take care of your scalp like you take care of your face.

Get rid of the gunk with this 5-step scalp detox and refresher.  


- $175 -

Microscopic look at scalp before and after service

Scalp exfoliant

Micromist steam

Ultrasonic scrubber

High frequency follicle cleansing

Scalp massage

Oxigenating scalp therapy

Acupressure point massage

Wash and simple style

Been in before?

New here? 


Brazilian Blowout

- $350 -

Smoothing keratin treatment 

Home care included

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